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Yuck- Sushi in a Tube
May 27, 2010, 11:44 am
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Retail Refugees loves innovation in packaging and food concepts, but this just looks nasty…  Meet Sushi Popper

“We’re trying to change the norm of boxed foods,” said Furst, who serves as the company’s president. “We’re trying to open people’s eyes and say, ‘This isn’t just another frozen product — this is a frozen product that happens to be extremely good.’ ”

Each Sushi Popper includes eight pieces of precut sushi and a bit of wasabi wrapped inside an airtight tube. After opening the top of the tube, diners can add soy sauce from a small stick affixed to the packaging, and grab their first piece of fish. They reach the next piece by pushing up on the bottom of the tube.

“It took thousands of hours to develop something to hold the sushi, to make sure it pushes up correctly and make sure the soy sauce doesn’t leak,” Furst said. “It took us a lot of engineering time.”

According to Furst, the tubed snack is the perfect food for a nation on the go.

(via AOL)


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We would love to send you a sushi popper to try our sushi. The tube is just a portable carrier we take time to get the best ingredients that goes into our sushi. The food is what we care about and how the sushi is stored is very important. We want our sushi to taste as fresh as possible. We know many people either like sushi or hate it but want to open peoples minds to change and discover its not the tube that makes the sushi bad its the ingredients put into the sushi that changes everything.

Comment by Lucas

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