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Move over Hooters, there is a new trashy restaurant in town
March 18, 2010, 1:52 pm
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In a former life, I was a fan of Hooters, but as the promise of skin and cheap flirting became more readily available outside of a buffalo wing restaurant, the attraction wained.  Now we see how some restauranteurs have reacted- by making the girls wear even less…

A Texas-based sports bar is launching a full-frontal assault on Hooters‘ dominance in the scantily-clad server category, announcing plans to take its “bikini babe” concept nationwide.  “Our competition has been getting stale,” says Doug Guller, who opened his first Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill in North Austin in 2006. “If they’re Microsoft, we’re Apple.”

Guller isn’t the only entrepreneur who suspects Hooters’ sovereignty is waning: Heart Attack Grill, with its sexy “nurse-waitresses” and the Tilted Kilt chain, where servers wear tartan bras and short skirts, are among the more notable recent attempts at improving upon the concept pioneered back in 1983 by Hooters, a chain that’s lately been getting attention for its struggles in Vegas and less-than-flattering cameo appearance on Undercover Boss.

“The market is growing,” Guller confirms.   At Bikinis, the standard server costume is cowboy boots, a short denim skirt and a bikini top. Each diner is guaranteed visits from at least three servers. While the Bikinis’ uniform isn’t much racier than what’s on view at most American beaches, Guller said even he was surprised when he opened his first restaurant outside Texas last year and nobody complained.

I wonder why?…

Photo: Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill

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