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American Shopping Trends
August 5, 2009, 11:11 am
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While general retail purchasing has slowed down considerably in light of the recession and poor economy (spending is down 5.5%, while personal saving is at an all time high of 6.9% ), people are still buying some items.

To analyze what Americans are still buying, Forbes asked to conduct a study of their 12,442 purchase transactions over a 3 month period and identify any regional trends.  Their findings show interestingly…

Americans as a whole are still willing to spend money on semi-essentials such as kitchen gear and pet supplies–the site’s second best-selling category. “They’re a top-seller nationwide,” says Simona Supekar, a spokesperson for In Atlanta, a hot item is the Cool It’s dog-cooling bandana–which is designed to keep your pup comfortable in the summer heat for just $3.30.

In New York, for instance, vanity-driven purchases–such as designer clothing, jewelry and cosmetics–still reign supreme. “In cosmopolitan cities like New York and Los Angeles there seems to be a bigger demand for gadgets, as well as health and beauty products,” says Supekar.

Indeed, the data reveal that the shopping habits of those who live in these cities may feed into already-established stereotypes. Austin, for example, is lauded as being quirky and artsy, with its “Keep Austin Weird” slogan. What were the biggest sellers in the city? Crafting products and other creative tools, such as cameras. In eco-conscious San Francisco, a top seller is the Stacks and Stacks $60 three-compartment recycling bin. In Portland, thought to be filled with progressive thinkers, educational toys are popular, such as a $5 Hwa Tu Korean Flower Card Game. The city is’s biggest market for toys overall.


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