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Counterfeit Museum
July 29, 2009, 11:02 am
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My first experience with counterfeit luxury goods took place during a trip to Spain during high school.  In Madrid we were overwhelmed with fake bags, watches, sunglasses and music.  Later in college, girls toting around fake LV and Gucci bags was a frequent sight around both my university campus as well as the city of Boston in general.  It is a huge industry and Jaunted recently reported about the “cultural center” of the industry which is Paris of all places.

At the Musée de la Contrefaçon, visitors can test their saavy by comparing real vs. fake items from purses, to viagra, to birth control pills.  “The museum was opened in 1951 by a French trade group known as the Union des Fabricants or Unifab to help educate the general public about the scope and costs of the problem. And its displays, which house pieces that date as far back as Greek amphora and are as recent as Microsoft Windows software, highlight some of the telltale details that could help even a novice shopper steer clear of today’s counterfeit goods.”


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