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Monocle Magazine X Beams Ltd. Wathes
July 10, 2009, 10:13 am
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Intellectuals and wannabe-intellectuals love Monocle for its “biting” political commentary juxtaposed with stylish product recommendations. It makes sense that Monocle would choose one of the more mainstream “urban” brands for their next collaboration as they like to dip just a toe into the cold waters of experimentation. That being said, their joint wristwatch project with Beams Limited just does not seem to fit with anything either brand stands for. Monocle attempts to be luxurious, stylish, smart, “authentic” among other things, and creating a plastic Rolex knock-off is none of these.

Personal opinions aside, I am sure the magazine will have no trouble selling these badboys that come in black and olive green. Email to pre-order the 95GBP watches.

monocle beam watches 1 Monocle x Beams Limited Edition Watches


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