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Friends of Laphroaig: Our Favorite Whisky
July 9, 2009, 10:59 am
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I love whisky… not the lightly colored mild and smooth kinds that are popular with some people- no, I prefer the harsh smokey flavors most associated withthe island of Islay. Among the whisky from Islay the legendary Laphroaig brand is my favorite, so when I read on Luxist this morning that it is possible to claim a one square foot plot of land on the Islay with each bottle purchase I became an even bigger fan of the brand!

Apparently if you purchase a bottle of whisky, you can go to and register with your purchase number to claim your plot! With this you are a registered “friend” of the company and are then encouraged to visit the distillery where you will receive your “rent” which is a dram of whisky!

Luxist explains, “There are more than 364,000 Friends of Laphroaig spread across more than 150 countries registered online. Among the site’s many features is Laphroaig TV, offering a look inside the distillery as well as exclusive previews of limited-edition bottlings, live online tastings and educational seminars.”


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finacially poor but this is always worth the cost

Comment by John Carlson

Laphroaig is one of the true classics of single malts.It will knock you down but will kill any germs in your mouth. I assure you.once cut it with a bit of water it starts to show some of its other characters. Heavy,heavy smoke,sea salt, banana sweetness.if someone is not in a right mood you can find it challenging.

Comment by Grant Diaz

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