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“Who is Obama wearing?”… Miguel Caballero???
January 22, 2009, 8:39 am
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According to some reports, newly inaugurated President Obama was wearing a suit made from the specialty clothes maker Miguel Caballero (who I featured on October 6 in the post about Adapting to Your Surroundings).  Wired Magazine reported, “While no one from the U.S. Secret Service have yet to mention any details about the garment’s structure, some are speculating it may have come from the line by Colombian designer Miguel Caballero. As we noted last year, Caballero is well known for his super tough but flexible and business appropriate clothing (see pic at right), such as the $7,500 polo shirt that can stop a shot from a 9-mm revolver.”

It is great to see an innovator like Caballero (even if this speculation is not accurate) get some notice for his product.  If anyone has any additional information about this, feel free to comment.



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Producer of the bullet proof textiles: Ten Cate in the Netherlands. See

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