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Update: 4010 Berlin
October 1, 2008, 8:16 pm
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Turns out that the store actually did open today!  On my way home from the office, I noticed a large gathering of tight jeans, trucker hats, and thick glasses and I knew that a new hipster store with free drinks was opening- only upon further inspection did I realize it was the 4010 store.

Essentially it is a cell phone shop, with some turntables, iMacs, and one of those cool Microsoft touchscreen computers (although contrary to some reports, it is not the first in Germany- there are several at the BMW Welt).  I snapped some photos:


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Thanks to the PR team from the 4010 shop. The let me know that the touchscreen interface system that they are using is actually a Foresee product, and not the Microsoft version. Sorry for the mis-information!

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